Developer recruitment: We are looking for you!

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Developer recruitment: We are looking for you!

Post#1 » Sat Sep 30, 2017 6:29 pm

Dear players (and potential colleagues),

We are looking for new developers (C++ or SQL) to help us make this server better.
There is no template for application, just write a little something about yourself, about your WoW history, developer background, related work and so on.
If you've done some work on other server previously or know about a bug here you could fix, you can post it into your application for bonus points (use clean TrinityCore/TDB as a base for this).
If we like your application, you will be given some assignment to prove your abilities.

Please post your applications as replies to this topic, if you have something to add, just edit your reply.

What can we offer you:
  • Opportunity of working on medium-sized WoW server
  • Improvements for your skills
  • In-game rewards
  • If the project gets big enough, possibly some salary

General requirements:
  • Desire for learning/improvement
  • Logical thinking
  • At least basic WoW knowledge
  • At least basic english-speaking skills

Additionally for core developer:
  • Programming background
  • At least basic C++ knowledge
  • Ability to work with Git on beginner level

Additionally for DB developer:
  • Knowledge of SQL
  • Good WoW/WotLK knowledge
  • Knowledge of TrinityCore DB structure

We look forward to your applications!

For Deffender.eu team,


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Re: Developer recruitment: We are looking for you!

Post#2 » Thu Oct 05, 2017 5:38 am

Hey there.

I'm a person in their late 20's. I've played WoW off and on for the past few years. Happy to of found a neat server like Deffender that runs Wrath with the mods you all use. I work in IT in the insurance industry and am familiar with hypervisor and computer tech in general in addition to support many apps on Window and Linux (Oracle Linux mostly).

I'm not experienced with development work or knowledge that the crew at Deffender might be looking for, but I noticed there are times where an available staff or dev would be useful, so I figured I'd drop my application in case anyone can think of where my help could be used.

A small bit more about me. I'm used to supporting users and enterprise equipment 24/7 as it's my job and, although those responsibilities would continue, it's more likely me being available for work would be me being available for Deffender staff/dev work.

Let me know what you think. Perhaps there's something I haven't mentioned that could be of help.


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Re: Developer recruitment: We are looking for you!

Post#3 » Sun Oct 08, 2017 3:55 pm

Hello, guys!
I'm a Brazilian guy, 30 years old.
I have been in the software development world for the past 8 years. The last 4 years I have been working with Android development. I don't know C++, tried once but I had choice Java. But learn C++ is on my TODO list for some time. I started playing wow 9 years ago on a private server, in the Cata I moved to Blizz, stayed there until the first quarter of this year then I stopped. I'm looking for a new server (this time of the year the nostalgia come strong). I don't have much time of my day to focus on the project, but I would be happy to help you with the time that I have.

PS: as you can notice my English is not so good, but I can maintain a decent conversation(just don't talk about the complexity of the human body or the universe).

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Re: Developer recruitment: We are looking for you!

Post#4 » Thu Oct 26, 2017 5:08 pm

Hello guys,
I realy like that you are trying to bring your server to international community and so I would love to help you with ongoing development on the server. I hope that you are still hiring new developers, as I would really love to become part of the development team.

Let me introduce myself to you a little bit (if you are not interested, just skip to the last paragraph where are my skills and knowledges):
My name is Roman, I am from Czech Republic (Prague), 32 years old and my greatest interest is naturally my family. Other than my family I love programming and everything about computers. I love to travel a lot abroad (well, in fact, my wife loves that and so must do I as well :D). And of course, you guessed it, I love playing World of Warcraft. I have been playing since the release of vanilla WoW on retail and left since release of cataclysm to free servers.
As for my character I would say I am "get the job done" kind of person as I really don't like to leave some unfinished tasks and rather work overtime to finish everything I need. My wife does not like that, but she is used to it already :D. I am also really friendly person and I love to help to others if they are not mean nor rude.

My skills and knowledges:
C / C++: since age of 10 I have been programming in C, later switched to C++ as it makes programmer's like easier a lot.
C#: Some parts of our source code at job are written in C# and also we had lessons on high school.
Python / bash: Some linux scripting from time to time - sometimes python, sometimes bash

primarilly SVN for my job, but I can handle git as well and HG (mercurial)

build systems:
Nant (we are using it primarilly for some C# projects)

Operating systems:
I have used many different operating systems from early msdos, through many different Windows versions to the latest Windows 10.
I am also using Linux distros - for my home server I have Ubuntu, I have some raspberry Pi with ArchLinux / Raspbian (debian port for Raspberry) and crosscompiled Gentoo Linux on ASUS Tinker Board.
Also I have some barebone devices like atmega128 with no OS at all.

As for experiences with TrinityCore I used to maintain my own server on local network for some friends who occoasionally come to me. It is about one year ago, but I think I could get really quickly back into it. I was trying to make content as blizzlike as I could as well as I was creating some custom content just to explore the possibilities and for fun.

I hope you like my application and I'm looking forward to Your answer and possible future teamwork.


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