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Vote system

Post#1 » Wed Oct 18, 2017 7:54 pm

Dear players,
In this topic we would like to introduce you our Vote system.

What is Vote sytem for?
• Voting through Vote system for our server is available for every player. It helps our server to grow and as reward it gives players access to otherwise unavailable stuff.

How to vote?
• In order to vote and get the Vote Points you need to have your own in-game account and be logged in our User Control Panel.
• Once you are logged in, click on "Vote for a server" button located on left-side-menu and follow the guide.
Registration link can be found here, User control panel login can be found here.

What rewards are available?
• For every vote the player's account is awarded with Vote currency - Vote Points (VP). The points are shared with all characters on the account.
• After voting player's account gets access to our Teleporter for next 12 hours for free.
• Players are curretly able to buy for VP:
• Character customization (changing Faction, Race, Gender and Rename)
• Unique and unavailable Transmog sets and weapons in our Transmog zone.
• Reseting their 5 man heroic, 10 man raid and 25 man raid ID. The reset is available once a week for character and resets every 5hc/10man/25man ID except the one that the player currently is inside.

Teleporter Information topic,
Transmog system information topic,
Character customization information topic.

How the reset the ID?
• Don't forget that all your current 5man Heroic, 10man Raid and 25man Raid IDs will be removed except the one you are currently inside.
• One reset is available for character per one ID period (Means the Wednesday server reset).
• To perform the reset you need to use command ".i u vote". Reseting the IDs cost 25 VP.

To check your Vote points in-game, use command ".currency" that is available for every player.
Trading/Transfering Vote points is not and will not be available. GM Team is not allowed to give you VP or do any kind of transaction with VP.

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Re: Vote system

Post#2 » Fri Oct 20, 2017 5:01 pm

Please let me know which sites you have problem with. Use PM to tell me your account name needed for investigation.

Thank you.

PS: hour ago, the changes about Top 100 Arena vote site were made. Now it should work correctly.

Prosím, konkretizuj stránky, ktoré ti toto robia a cez PM mi pošli aj account name, nech to môžem lepšie overiť.
PS: pred hodinou som menil zmeny pre stranku Top 100 Arena. By to tam malo už fungovať správne.


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Re: Vote system

Post#3 » Sat Oct 21, 2017 9:30 pm


We would like to announce that we've decided the command will also reset 25 man raid instances.

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