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Building a strong squad depth is key to success

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Building a strong squad depth is key to success

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Here is a guide to building your Ultimate Team in EA FC 24:

Determine your playing style: Before you start building your team, it's important to determine your playing style. Are you a counter-attacking team that relies on pace and skill? Or are you a possession-based team that likes to build up from the back? Your playing style will dictate the type of players that you need to build your team around FC 24 Coins.

Build your foundation: Your starting 11 is the foundation of your team. Make sure that you have a solid goalkeeper, defenders, midfielders, and forwards. You should also consider the type of formation that you want to play and make sure that your starting 11 fits that formation.

Focus on the squad depth: Building a strong squad depth is key to success in Ultimate Team. Look for players that can fill multiple roles and that can be used in different formations.

Manage your finances: Ultimate Team can be expensive, so it's important to manage your finances carefully. Determine your budget and stick to it. Don't be afraid to sell players that you no longer need or that are not performing well.

Participate in online matches: Online matches are a great way to test your team's skills and to earn coins and packs. Make sure that you are playing against teams that are similar in strength to your own and that you are learning from each match.

Use the transfer market wisely: The transfer market is a great way to acquire players that fit your team's playing style and needs. Use it wisely and don't be afraid to sell players that are no longer needed.

Keep an eye on the transfer market: Keep an eye on the transfer market and be prepared to make moves when the right players become available cheap Fut 24 Coins.

Remember, building a strong Ultimate Team takes time, patience, and strategy. By following these tips and focusing on building a team that is well-rounded and fit to your playing style, you can grow your Ultimate Team in EA FC 24.

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