Deffender and WORLD raids

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Deffender and WORLD raids

Příspěvek#1 » pát lis 24, 2017 3:43 pm

Hello we all know that each day there is less and less population on server (mostly because ppl are just waiting for Ulduar) and since there is not enough people ingame players seems to only come ingame to check whether there is something to do and if it is not they go back offline.

All those people are available but there is nothing for them to do ingame but they would eventually join world raid if they knew about it so I came with a solution.

I have created facebook group which is called Deffender LFM raiding GROUP where I will announce when I would like to go world raid (Naxx 25/ EOE 25 / OS 25) and this group will serve as a form of communication between people outside of World of Warcraft. I guarantee you that we will always clear dungeon and most of the times I take 1x FL (for leader) item.

Everyone interested can just join this group (I will approve everyone) so we can do world raids TOGETHER! :friends: :like:

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